Heave was formed in 1994 by drummer Patrik Nikolic, and soon became a familiar act among Stockholm night clubbers and concertgoers. In those early days, the band discovered the straight and simple philosophy which has kept HEAVE’s music popular among Stockholm audiences. 

Singer Per Richard dealt out melodic doom with his signature mix of rough and smooth vocals, while Finnish powerhouse Putti Stoor handled the rough and driving guitar work HEAVE’s songs have become known for. Pasi J Lappi on bass and Patrik Nikolic on drums completed the act’s thick wall of classic sound. Over the years, HEAVE have played virtually every club house and concert hall in Stockholm, and toured other cities in Sweden as well as Finland. The end result of this long standing musical effort were HEAVE’s five demo CDs, “Beguile”, “Self Destruction” ,“Lies”, “Time 2002” and “Fears come alive” . 

The band was dealt a severe setback after recording “Lies” when singer Per Rickard left permanently for personal reasons. For a long time, HEAVE stood with no permanent vocalist and no songwriting effort. In the summer of 2002 Andi joined the band and recorded 2 demos, “Time 2002” and “Fears come alive”. Heave did a great tour with former Iron Maiden singer Paul Dianno in 2003! 

In the early of 2005 the band was remedied by the addition of new singer Anna Olsson, whose smooth sound and high register has found its place in the band. Immediately after Anna joined, the band began recording the CD “Final Day”, and marked a departure into more modern and rougher territories. Since then, the band’s mutual quest for the American-German sound which has become HEAVE’s trademark has resulted in the demo CD “Promo 2005” witch is a teaser of the coming full length cd “Final Day” recorded in 2005 at RR studios in Stockholm with Mike Wead from King Diamond/Mercyful fate as producer. After a period of promoting this promo the full length CD will hit the stores and continuing to take their own sound of metal to new melodic dimensions.

Heave made a change in line-up in 2020, when Pasi J took the second guitar and let the bass to Luca Gambato. The hard work of their latest recording will be released in summer of 2021.